Auto and Moto
Multifunctional series of protective coatings for cars and motorcycles. Unlike wax or sealant, after coating Ceramic Pro gives permanent protection for paintwork, glass and leather, alloy wheels, plastic and rubber.

The powerful water and dirt repellent effect, excellent resistance to weathering and chemical attack of Ceramic Pro coatings allow your car to stay clean and new for longer.
Water transport
Ceramic Pro protective coatings are the most durable and versatile for water transport. Being completely non-toxic to the environment, the coatings provide excellent protection of the ship's hull from the aggressive effects of the marine environment and fouling with algae and molluscs.

Ceramic Pro compounds are also actively used for decks and internal surfaces of ships, protecting against burnout in the sun and various pollution and oxidation. Today Ceramic Pro protects marine vessels around the world!
Ceramic Pro coatings protect aircraft and helicopters from extreme climates and pollutants. When applied in multiple coats, the coating protects the aircraft from rain erosion, icing, scratches and chips, and helps reduce drag, which saves fuel.

The powerful water and dirt repellent effect, UV resistance of the Ceramic Pro coatings allow them to be used for treating both the external and internal surfaces of the aircraft, as well as significantly save on its maintenance.
Clothes and footwear
Ceramic Pro coatings protect your favorite items from dust, dirt, grease and water. After applying protective coatings to your favorite leather goods, they will not lose their presentable appearance and will retain their color for a long time.

Leather and textile items treated with Ceramic Pro coatings acquire a water-repellent effect, do not fade in the bright sun, and do not need dry cleaning. The ease of application of the coatings will allow you to self-process items within five minutes
Ceramic Pro finishes provide easy cleaning and protection from water, dirt, harsh chemicals and graffiti. Due to the high operating temperature of up to 1800 ° C and the low ability to conduct electricity, Ceramic Pro coating can be used in the harshest conditions to protect completely different surfaces: natural stone and household electrical appliances, pipelines and public transport, all kinds of housings and building materials, etc.
Household sphere
Ceramic Pro products for home and household use.
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