Ceramic Pro Sport 300ml.

  • unsurpassed water-repellent effect
  • increases UV protection
  • the surface does not fade
  • gives a mirror shine and gloss to the surface
  • reduces the formation of traces from drying out droplets
  • increases the level of protection against reagents
  • the effect of the treatment lasts up to two months
  • does not require professional training
  • consumption is minimal (15 ml for 1 car)
Application to car bodies treated with CP 9H or CP Light to renew the properties of protective compounds
  • prolongation of the hydrophobic effect
  • prolonged UV protection
  • increased gloss
Application to the body of untreated cars
  • hydrophobic effect
  • mirror gloss and shine
  • color saturation
  • ideal for use in car washes
  • replaces and outperforms waxing
Used to process
  • car body
  • motorcycle body
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